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Policies & Procedures

Our policies and procedures are intended to be a guideline for the members of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. Not all situations will be addressed in the form of a written policy or procedure. Many things that we do in the course of our duties are done based on training, routine and normal practices, and by applying good judgment and common sense. Therefore, a policy and procedure manual should address certain expectations and goals for the organization including:

  1. Create a consistent work environment
  2. Define what is to be expected of us from the public
  3. Set parameters for members so they understand what supervision and administration expect from them
  4. Protect the members, Sheriff’s Office and County from liability issues
  5. Guide the Sheriff’s Office to the highest level of professionalism

Policies and procedures are living documents. Legal issues, practical situations and progressing into the future create the need for constant revision. Therefore, as a revision is made, you will be notified, and a revision catalog will be maintained for historical purposes.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will follow the Garfield County “Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual” for most of the general applications. However, certain applications of policies/procedures are unique to a Sheriff’s Office. In any case of conflict of policies, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Policies and Procedures will supersede those of the Garfield County Manual.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Policies and Procedures are separated into three categories:

1.   GENERAL – policies and procedures that affect ALL members
2.   PATROL – policies and procedures that affect patrol operations
3.   DETENTIONS – policies and procedures that affect jail operations.

A thorough understanding of all of the following policies / procedures is required by all members of the Sheriff’s Office in order to maintain consistency throughout the organization and professional integrity.

These policies and procedures supersede and make void all previous policies and procedures whether written or practiced (repealed and reenacted, January 01, 2024).

Click on the links below to view the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Policies and Procedures.

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