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Inmate Programs

The Garfield County Detentions Facility offers a number of voluntary Inmate Programs facilitated by volunteers. These individuals make it their goal to provide Inmates with essential skills, alternative options, and opportunities to succeed when released. Many inmates come to jail in need of assistance with addictions, education, cognitive redirecting, and resource connections. These programs empower Inmates to make positive and productive change.

Studies show that Inmate Programs directly correlate with:

  • Reducing recidivism
  • Decreasing the number of conflicts and incidents of violence within the housing units
  • Encouraging positive decision making
  • Establishing necessary contacts with resources in the community

The following programs are currently offered to inmates

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is available in English and Spanish

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

ACCI Lifeskills

ACCI Lifeskills is available in English and Spanish

“American Community Corrections Institute (ACCI) is an international evidence-based provider of cognitive life skills course and programs.  Our unique blend of curriculum includes cognitive restructuring, self-directed learning and a narrrative approach which helps individuals overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.”

Catholic Services

Catholic Services are available in English and Spanish

Volunteers will offer a variety of types of prayer: reading Scripture and reflection upon it, praying rosary, listening to recorded reflections or songs, offering communion to those who are Catholic. Priest is available for confession upon request.

Celebrate Recovery Inside

Celebrate Recovery are available in English and Spanish

Celebrate Recovery is a biblical and balanced program that helps us overcome our hurts, hang-ups, and habits. It is based on the actual words of Jesus rather than psychological theory.

Church of Christ

Glenwood Church of Christ offers Life Application Bible Study, teaching how to apply the truths of the Bible to daily life. Studying the Bible in its entirety, we will see how Christ’s teaching can change, redirect, improve our lives, and improve our relationship with others. “The Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalms 119:105  In this Bible Study we encourage participation, questions, and involvement in reading the Bible.

Discovery Cafe's Recovery Circle

Discovery Cafe’s Recovery Circle is available in English and Spanish 

“Our goal is to provide a uniquely holistic full-service program that supports the homeless, addicted, and disenfranchised individuals by offering everything they need in one place to move themselves from crisis to dignity and independence.”

Isaiah 61 Discipleship

Isaiah 61 Discipleship is available in English and Spanish 

“The focus of this program is to promote life transformation through the study of God’s word. The participants will discover, and study basic and important faith principles rooted in Scripture.”

Jehovah’s Witness Bible Study

Jehovah’s Witness Bible Study is available in English and Spanish 

Jehovah’s Witness Bible study is provided in a way that is topical and adaptable to individual needs.

New Creation Church’s Non-Denominational Services

New Creation Church’s Non-Denominations Services available in English and Spanish 

Leads a group discussion on Bible Study using the New King James Bible, and then leads prayer.

Rise Up Recovery

“Rise Up Recovery is a peer lead organization that uses evidence based curriculum to help others initiate change and to reach a new level of recovery by empowering individuals through peer support and recovery groups.  The connection that is made on the inside will help bridge the gap to connect individuals to resources on the outside.”

For more information regarding these programs or to volunteer in Inmate Programs please contact Charlie Pearce at [email protected] or via telephone at (970) 945-0453 ext. 1011, or click below for basic information.

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