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Civil Standby

Initiating a Civil Standby with the Sheriff’s Office

Accepting the Paperwork – In order to ensure that the requested civil standby is executable in Garfield County, the address of the subject property must be a valid Garfield County address. If the civil standby meets this criteria, then the Office Assistant will process the request. Only property for which ownership is not disputed may be returned during the civil standby.

Requestor Information – You must provide as much information as possible about yourself, your crew, and the tenant / resident of subject property by completing the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office “Civil Standby Information Sheet“. Please make sure you bring your valid driver’s license and/or ID when visiting the Sheriff’s Office.

Payment – First and foremost, it is not the GCSO’s authority to waive fees for indigent persons or for any other reasons. If and when the courts decide that they will accept responsibility for paying the service fees, court documentation must be provided by the requestor at the time of payment. All other fees will be collected at the time of service. EVERY civil standby will be executed by two (2) deputies. As such, the requestor will pay up front for one hour for two deputies at the rate of $64 per hour, per deputy, OR $128.00.

Legal Advice – The Civil Division will NOT offer legal advice to persons requesting civil standbys / service of documents or to anyone that is to be served.

Punctuality and Courtesy – It is the Sheriff’s Office’s job to treat members of the public with kindness and courtesy.

Miscellaneous –

  • All requestors will complete a form listing items requested.
  • You will also be asked to list the names of your crew at the time of the request.
  • The Civil Supervisor will review the civil standby request. If the Civil Supervisor approves the civil standby, he will give the civil standby request and attached documents to the Civil Clerk for process.
  • If the civil standby request is denied, our office will issue a refund per the currently written office policy.
  • Court-ordered standby’s may accompany the civil standby request if issued by a court.

Civil Standby Process

  • Once the file is created, the deputy will contact the requestor for scheduling options.
  • After speaking with the requestor, the deputy will contact the occupant of the residence of the subject property to coordinate scheduling options for the civil standby.
  • The deputy will stick to the provided list of items as long as NONE of the items are disputed property. Any disputed items WILL remain at the residence.
  • Two (2) Deputies will be present to execute EVERY civil standby.
  • Civil Deputies will ensure the environment is safe for all.
  • Civil Deputies will ensure that the peace is kept and no laws are broken. Additionally, we will not act as a representative for either party.
  • Civil standbys will only be scheduled for Saturdays on a case-by-case basis.
  • Civil standbys will NOT be scheduled or executed on Sundays.
  • Please bring enough help and make the accommodations to complete your civil standby in a timely manner.

Questions for a Civil Deputy?

  • Glenwood Springs Office – (970) 384-3612
  • Rifle Office – (970) 665-0203
  • Email – [email protected]


Please note: The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Civil Standby if health hazards are located on the premises. The content on this web page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is merely a guideline for what to expect from the Sheriff’s Office regarding Civil Standbys. Every case is different, therefore, if you have legal questions please contact an attorney.

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