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Explorer Program

What is Exploring?

Exploring is all about helping young men and women ages 14 to 20, who have completed the eighth grade, to make a more informed decision about future careers and determine if a particular career is the right one for them. Typically, a young adult will either: 1) get involved, learn about a career, and decide to pursue it; OR 2) learn enough about the career to determine it’s not the right fit for them. It’s better to learn as a young adult that a career is not for you, than after spending lots of money on an education only to THEN discover you don’t like the career!

Exploring leaders volunteer their time to provide real-world career experiences for young adults. Exploring is not about lectures and slide shows – it’s about gaining practical experience in a career field. The result is a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interest, grow, and develop.

Strengthening Youth through Exploring Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Exploring builds positive relationships in society and consistently guides people to work together for the good of their communities. Respectful interactions through the Exploring program help law enforcement and community members establish mutual trust and cooperation – key elements of community policing.

The program introduces young people to potential careers in law enforcement or related criminal justice fields. It also helps them grow in strength of character, respect for the rule of law, physical fitness, good citizenship, and patriotism. Through Exploring, young citizens gain an understanding of procedural justice while members of law enforcement gain a better understanding of the communities they serve.

Explorers will

  • Learn important leadership skills
  • Gain respect for police officers
  • Develop new personal skills
  • Improve their marksmanship
  • Learn law enforcement protocols and procedures
  • Attend local and national competitions
  • Network with professionals who work in these careers daily
  • Learn about the educational requirements for a career in law enforcement


Gain exposure to various criminal justice careers and to have positive interaction with law enforcement professionals.

Obtain “hands-on” experience and awareness of the criminal justice system, thereby helping Explorers to make an informed decision on a career in law enforcement or a related field.

Receive comprehensive career-focused training that in many cases qualifies for academic credit (i.e., career education credit).

Preparation for career-related college degree programs and other advanced education opportunities.

Benefit from interpersonal growth through self-discipline, teamwork, challenging experiences, and high standards of performance and personal conduct.

Learn responsibility to self and others through leadership opportunities.

Community service and networking activities by assisting sponsoring agency in a supplementary law enforcement and liaison capacity.

Popular Law Enforcement Careers Include

  • Police Officers
  • Deputy Sheriffs
  • Federal Agents
  • State Police/Highway Patrol
  • Probation Officers
  • Military Police
  • Correction Officers
  • LE Intelligence Analysts
  • Criminal Forensic Laboratory

Law Enforcement Exploring combines some classroom training with ride-alongs in police vehicles, firearms shooting and discipline, community policing, and much more. You get to experience firsthand what it’s like to be an officer of the law.

5 Areas of Emphasis

Career Opportunities
Leadership Experience
Character Education
Life Skills

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